Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Corn Maze Begins....

After weeks of rain, it was finally dry enough for Dave to start cutting the corn maze. We had hoped to use the GPS to cut in a specific design, but the height of the corn makes that hard to do. But, you never know, it still may work! However, Dave said he felt lost in the 5 acres of corn while he was cutting the paths, so it should be a challenging maze! I don't know how 5 acres wouldn't be challenging! Here is the path that leads to the maze. Cooper loved it!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where Do You Put 10 Acres of Pumpkins?

Well, in these, of course. We had an unexpected free weekend, so we got after the to-do list for The Pumpkin Ranch. Actually, Dave got busy. After a full day in the truck, he brought home two trailer loads of these. Cooper, of course, thought it was very cool that he had to check them out right when he got up Sunday morning (thus the jammies). Once pumpkins are picked, they are put in these "totes" and hauled to the barn. Unless we want to carry 10 acres of pumpkins to the barn one by one, these are quite necessary!