Monday, October 4, 2010

Opening Weekend

Wow! What a great opening weekend at The Pumpkin Ranch. Our afternoons were busy! We got to meet so many people from our community. We made many new friends and were able to visit with friends we hadn't seen in years. What a joy! It was fun to see customers bring their treasures in from the field for everyone to ooo and ahhh over. There are some crazy big pumpkins out there!

If you bought stuff from us to decorate your business or home, I would love to see your creations. Please email pictures to me at

There was a huge run on white pumpkins Sunday. One customer, who owns a cool shop in town, made this with them. Isn't that awesome? If you're in Winterset on Saturdays, check out Heavenly Habitat.

Thank you for supporting out little business! Come back to see Dave's latest creation...pumpkin sling shots. How good is your aim?